About MM.US

My Military Background

In 2018, I completed nine years of service as an infantry officer in the Marine Corps.  After spending time weighing the costs and benefits of either A) serving for another eleven years to military retirement, or B) separating and beginning my next chapter, I chose to move on to the civilian world.  During my time in the Marines, I had the good fortune of living, training, and fighting with the some of the greatest American men and women I’ve ever come across - from all branches of service.

Throughout my military journey, I learned a fair amount about financial planning, the education benefits provided by the military, real estate investing, and building long-term wealth (mostly by screwing things up the first time!).  Specifically, during my service, I used my free time to finish two degrees (a BA in Accounting and MS in Secondary Education), purchase multiple rental properties, and create a retirement nest egg that’s put my wife and me within a stone’s throw of financial independence.  

My Civilian Path

After leaving the service, I spent a year working as an asset management accountant at a real estate development company.  So, on a daily basis I got to deep dive into the ins-and-outs of personal finance, small-business operations, real estate development, and tax planning, which, combined with my service in the Marines, gave me a unique perspective on the intersection between building wealth and the military.  

When I finished this year as a practicing accountant, I took the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam and am now a CPA in Virginia. In line with my goal of financial independence, I now use these accounting skills and real estate development experience to manage and build my wife's and my rental real estate portfolio. The income from these properties provides us financial independence, allowing us to pursue the purpose that launched our journey to building wealth in the first place, and to do a little travel writing, as well!

Why Did I This Start this Site?

When you search the internet, tons of civilian financial independence sites exist (Mr. Money Mustache, Millennial Money, and The Financial Samurai, to name a few).  But, there’s a shortage of military-specific ones, sites that truly get to the heart of life in the service.  So, after years spent dealing with financial planning in the military - both my own and helping guide others - I realized that this information needs to be written down.  

I hope the lessons I’ve learned in and out of the service help you on your journey to financial independence.  And, please comment or shoot me an e-mail - contact@militarymoney.us - with any questions or recommendations for another topic.  Fair winds and following seas!